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Free taster session

Thinking about joining a choir? Come for a free taster session and see what singing with Palace Acappella is like. 


Choir is about SO MUCH more than just singing - here are a few other things you might get out of it:


- find a local network and community

- experience a combination of challenge, fun, creating

something in a team and sense of achievement

- enhance physical and mental wellbeing

- improve memory and look after your brain

Book your free taster via the button below and come see for yourself! 

We welcome new members in the first half of each term - the second half of term is usually more intensive performance preparation and doesn't provide the best experience for tasters, or best support for existing choir members. 

additional opportunities

At Palace Acappella we like to offer extra opportunities and help our choir members showcase and develop skills outside of the main choir too. Currently this includes:


- Kickstart Workshop at the beginning of each season, learning something outside our usual repertoire. Previous workshops have included Sea Shanties with the Salty Shanty Boys, improvisation with Kevin Fox and rhythm and percussion with JT Taylor. Kickstart Workshops are usually open to non-choir members - keep an eye on our website/socials or join the mailing list to hear about these

- Extra workshops and projects - previously these have included Small Ensemble, Solo Performance and singing technique courses, and offering small ensemble and solo performance opportunities in concert. Some of these are open to non-choir members!

- other things! Choir members have got involved with editing audio and video for performances, social media, creating posters, flier and T-shirt designs, knitting scarves to keep us warm in our outdoor Christmas performances. And more!

We LOVE finding out what our members are interested in doing and what skills we can help them develop. 

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