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choir calendar 2024 & info

Choir branded T-shirt, £11

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choir merchandise

If you'd like to buy any of these please email Eleanor at

Choir folder + pack of 5 sleeves, £15

Choir T-shirt, £11

Choir folder sleeves, pack of 5, £6

Choir personnel:

There are several people with support roles of different kinds in Palace Acappella Choir - below is a quick guide to who they are and their roles: 

1) Laura Stevens - Co-Founded Palace Acappella with Eleanor in 2019 and has been a core part of the choir ever since. She supports Eleanor in an advisory capacity and represents the choir in her absence, and contributes to key projects and events. 


2) Holly Jennings - Social Media Manager. She does all our social media posting and will periodically take photos/videos in rehearsals, encourage you to write on the whiteboard etc. Please send her any pictures of choir stickers, badges and T-shirts in interesting or unexpected places, or choir members attending non-choir related local events!


3) Choir Ambassadors - Our current Ambassadors are Andrew, Cait, Gaynelle, Geraldine,  Gilly and Tiana. Their primary job is looking after new members and people joining us for tasters, making sure they feel welcome and included and answering any questions. Some Choir Ambassadors may also be willing to be a discrete support for any choir members wanting to raise ideas, questions or concerns (if you don't want to bring them direct to me). Please check with them if they are willing, if there is something you wish to discuss. They will generally be wearing choir T-shirts or sashes at rehearsals so they are easy to find.

Zoom link for Tuesday rehearsals - same link every week:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 881 8224 4877

Passcode: 258950

Membership Agreement:

I've left a copy of the agreement below in case you need to check any details at any point. Please make sure you know the details and what is your responsibility.

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