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Update 10th June

Performance/Workshop spreadsheet -

Fundraising events/involvement spreadsheet -


1 Tuesday

Tomorrow we will again focus mainly on:

- Everyone Sang

- Close to You

- Take a Chance

But please bring everything and be prepared to sing anything!

NB the LibHub is enhancing security - the back door will now only be open 6.45-7.10pm, after that point it will be locked and you will need to ring the front door bell to be let in. Also there is no yoga downstairs on Tuesdays now so you can use the stairs as well as lift to exit the building. 


2) Summer Performances

We have 3 summer performances coming up and 2 August workshops - all of which are included in your membership. Details are on the spreadsheet here - - please fill it in asap so I know how many singers I have for each and can confirm the set list. 

DEADLINE extended to the end of Tuesday. Please fill this in, even if you can't make any of the events, as it helps me organise efficiently and not waste time chasing. 


3) Birthday fundraising

Huge thanks to everyone who's donated and helped spread the word on our fundraiser so far!

This bit of it is challenging - it's early on, we've got a long way to go, it's not easy to get momentum going. 

Find out the different ways you can get involved here - 

Why it matters -

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